Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rumors 4-2-17

1. Tis said the Elven nation of Isindhuel will be gifting the upcoming wedding of Princess Ellarhen of Highwater to Lord Heir Steward Johann Palphre with the Rites of the Sapphire Dragon. Word has it, any law or word bound by the Statue's magic rites can never be broken.
-Sir Garrick Steelweaver
2. I wuz fishin' o'er at Auguss Pier whens I saw 5 blokes jus' ris up out de water and walk rights out de ocean. They looked likes dead guys. I isn't eat'in none of doze fish no mores.
-Herg the Hook
3.My Da used to be a curator for the Royal family's collection of artifacts in the Elven Capital city in Isindhuel and he told me the Sapphire Dragon had the power to melt an entire army. Cross my heart and hope to die if I'm lying.
-Jahrin Vecta
4. Word has it a fleet of Isindhuel Comets will be sailing into the Bay of Pearls in honor of the upcoming royal wedding. Comets are said to be the fastest ships to ever touch the water and they can turn on a Davarian Copper, but I'd still place coin on Shannderian Corvettes going just as fast once they reach the open water.
-Paelish Gray
5. A place called the Golden Knot has been shut down by the city guard after selling fake Gnollies in Clam sauce at an elevated price. Not only that, but apparently the fake Gnollies were also tainted with some kind of paint resin that made everyone really sick!
-Sir Karl of Bushong
6. The Elves have been going all out to honor the upcoming Royal Wedding, but King Valdor and the Dwarves have been all but silent. Don't they have some stupid rock or something they can bring and pass it off as a historical artifact or something?
-Pike Dirgewater
7. There's these Raven haired dames wut come in my pub a lot to play a song or two. They calls dem Zig and Zag cuz of the way they weave they songs back and forth. I also heard doze dames used to give a lot of coin to the Sulah temple fore it was burnt up.
-Burton Barkeep, owner of the Copper Coin.
8. The log jams of refugees and new adventurers camped outside the city as well as within are creating an infrastructure crisis in the city, but the Senate isn't saying much about it. Getting in and out of the city is a multi day effort. The town guard is overtaxed and food is starting to rise in cost to the point where the poor can no longer afford it. It won't be long before fresh water is in shortage, even with the expansions and discoveries at the Academy to stretch provisions. If someone attacked, this city would become a slaughterhouse and everyone within would have nowhere to flee.
-General Randal Fanghoren

Monday, March 13, 2017

Rumors (3-13-17) Things you Overheard in Taverns and on the Street

1. "Long Mustaches are all the rage in the western coast nation of Highwater right now, especially in the Capital. They say even King Samuel wears one.

Bah! Only criminals wear long mustaches here on the East Coast. Maybe manacles will be in style next season!"
-Lady Susah Callista Duane

2. Nixt time yur in deh Auld King's district on Baegoth street, check ot' deh "gnollies and clam sauce" at thur Gold'n Knot. Shoo, it's pricey foo shood, but it's the best kind o' eetin.
- Andrade Grogwater

3. I is busy wif' lookin for the bloke who be killin people's dogs in the Souf village district. You know anyfin?
-Illias Scarglove

4. I was at the Crying Moose Tavern about two weeks ago when some Dwarf lit up a flaming axe and cut up a bunch of those Firstborn of the Stars cult guys. There were about ten of them and he cut them down like twiglings. There's a huge reward for his capture, but even the city guard is afraid to pursue the matter further.
- Ren Starkey

5. The wedding of Lord Heir Steward Johann Palphrey of Ellieth Shann to Princess Ellarhen of Highwater couldn't come at a better time. An alliance between the two wealthiest nations in Errith will help stabilize the economy with the threat of war loomin on the horizon.
-Lord Horux Wilder

6. Some of the officers of the Firstborn of the Stars cult have started to make bids for Senate seats here in Ellieth Shann. It seems crazy, but between the threat of looming war from the north, the tragic attack on the Temple of Sulah, and the elfish residents of the Aelth district wanting a larger share of the representation among the delegation, the highly militant and very pro-elf Firstborn movement might have a real chance of gaining a great deal of power.
- Historian Talem Coltree

7. Nobody believes me, but I saw some guy dressed in black, trimmed with silver who had black smoke coming out of his clothes spreading like ink in water. He was standing in the cemetary behind the old orphan house on Copper Street.
- Kagin the Traveler

8. A foreign investor has been buying up all the buildings in the old slum of Aelth's Gate for top coin! I sold that old money pit, 'The Noble Clam" for a fortune. Next week, the Mrs. and I are moving to a cottage near Glever's Gulp Falls where we can retire in style!
-Ram Bigbutton

9. There's a guy in a Red cloak who has been giving the orphans of the city food, supplies, and coin enough buy passage across the Sea of Baegoth where he has promised them a new life.
-Cecil Pennyworth

10. No one knows who attacked the Temple of Sulah, but it has been whispered among the ruling class to be an opening act of war from the Red army up north. Nothing lasts forever I suppose.
-Lady Rullah Whatley

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